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The Lore Should Not Rule the Law

Standards are high for CT teachers.  We hear from so many of you that you undergo rigorous evaluations.  In the words of one teacher, “I have to set goals every year and provide evidence that I’ve met them.”  Comments from another teacher indicate, “I’m evaluated by my supervisor and my supervisor’s supervisor.”

It comes as a surprise, we bet, to these teachers and others across the state that there’s such a hue and cry at the State Capitol to overhaul teacher evaluation with all deliberate speed. We’re not surprised that you’re surprised!  After all, it was just last year that we told you about Public Act 10-111 that created a Performance Evaluation Advisory Council (PEAC) to develop new state evaluation guidelines.  We told you PEAC was a reasoned and thoughtful way to get teacher evaluation right in this state. We haven’t changed our minds.

The Education Committee of the state legislature is considering Senate Bill No. 1160, which would direct PEAC’s work before it is complete.

Self-styled reformers are also trying yo use Senate Bill No. 1160 to change the Teacher Negotiation Act and the Fair Dismissal Act. They say everything about teacher evaluation is broken. They turn a blind eye to districts where the teacher evaluation system is working, and working relatively well, especially here in Connecticut.  Clearly, folklore and anecdotes should not dictate lawmaking.

There’s plenty more to concern you about Senate Bill No. 1160.  Consider that it would consolidate power to terminate teachers in the hands of the building principal.  Clearly, it’s time for you and your colleagues to say to your lawmakers: “Slow down.  Get it right.  You just created PEAC last year.  Just let the group finish the work they set out to do.”

To contact your lawmakers, click here.  Of course, it would be great if you shared the essence of what you write to your State Senator and State Representatives with us here at BlogCEA.

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  1. susany #

    It is always about the money. Get rid of the more experiened teachers at the high end of the salary scale, keep the cheaper teachers. What many haven’t thought of yet is that expensive could be a ten year teacher!

    March 19, 2011

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