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NEA’s Priority Schools Campaign

Have you heard about NEA’s Priority Schools Campaign?  You wouldn’t know it from the media, but across the country, educators are partnering with parents, communities, businesses, and their Associations to positively transform schools and NEA’s Campaign is supporting and promoting their efforts

The Priority Schools Campaign grew out of a mandate from NEA’s annual Representative Assembly, where more than 9,000 delegates voted to focus resources on informing and engaging members in collaborative work to transform lower-performing schools, our priority schools. The campaign supports:

  • School transformation approaches that involve educators, communities and policymakers in state capitols, in Congress and in the Obama administration.
  • Collaboration on innovative programs to measure student success and teacher quality.
  • Attracting and keeping the best educators and necessary resources for the schools of greatest need.

Learn more about the Campaign and watch the promo for the Priority Schools Campaign below.  It features CEA Director of Policy and Professional Practice Mary Loftus Levine.

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