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Race to Nowhere – Watch the Film December 2

In a recent post I was critical of Davis Guggenheim’s film “Waiting for Superman” for its overly simplistic analysis of a very complex issue. Last week, I attended a showing of another documentary based on problems in public education. The film is titled “Race to Nowhere” and is produced by parent/filmmaker, Vicki Abeles, a 48-year-old lawyer. She began the project as an exploration of the various school-related pressures her own three children were experiencing.

Unlike the Guggenheim film, which has had tremendous promotional support from foundations, Race to Nowhere is growing, for the most part, by word of mouth. It is being viewed by many as a counter point to WFS, but more importantly, it raises another set of important issues and asks its audience to open up a dialogue about what our education system has become and what we would like it to be. It does so without resorting to the blame game.

Watch the film trailer and you will get a sense of what the issues are:

CEA is co-sponsoring a showing of the film with Connecticut College’s Education Department on Thursday, December 2 in Oliva Hall at 6:30pm in the Cummings Art Center. Connecticut teachers are strongly encouraged to come to the viewing.

No advance tickets are required and everyone who shows up will be accepted until the space is full. That being said, you can go on the Race to Nowhere website and “reserve” a space.  You are encouraged to “reserve” tickets on the website so we can keep a fairly accurate count. Click on “Screenings,”  scroll down to CT, click on “Ticket URL”, and make your reservation.

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