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Gubernatorial Candidates on Education

Newspapers are reporting that — at a forum on public education — Tom Foley, the Republican candidate for governor, indicated he would abolish teacher tenure, eliminate binding arbitration, overhaul state pensions, and support merit pay.

The gubernatorial candidates met in Middletown last night for  a debate sponsored by the Connecticut Coalition for Achievement Now.  The event was moderated by Robert Frahm of the Connecticut Mirror and Tom Monahan of NBC 30.

Read more from:
The Hartford Courant
The Middletown Press

You can also watch the complete debate by clicking here.

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  1. Michael Freeman #

    It sounds as though Mr. Foley has taken a page from New Jersey’s so-called Gov, Christie. It would be a very sad day if Mr. Foley were elected dog catcher – never mind our Gov. We must surely stand together with Dan Malloy or CT’s teachers will pay the highest price we have paid in decades. Our future is at risk. We must join together and assure that Dan Malloy becomes our next Gov.!

    September 29, 2010

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