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CEA-Retired Fall Issues Conference

CEA-Retired MeetingCEA-Retired is holding its annual fall conference September 21 at the Aqua Turf Club.  Every year CEA-Retired brings in speakers who address a variety of topics with CEA-R members.

This year CEA-endorsed candidates running for election will meet with retirees and answer their questions.  Attendees will also hear from Don Blake, NEA Senior Technologist and Organizational Specialist, who will present on the topic of Social Media.

What is CEA-Retired?
CEA-Retired addresses the interests and needs of the growing number of retired professional educators in Connecticut.  Membership in CEA-Retired provides the opportunity to continue relationships with your colleagues, local association, and CEA.  CEA-Retired is the only Connecticut organization for retired education professionals officially affiliated with CEA and NEA.

Are you a member of CEA-Retired?
What do you get out of CEA-R membership?  What did you learn at the Fall Issues Conference?  Please leave a comment and share with your colleagues.

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  1. Jon-Paul Roden #

    What a great day – almost 200 in attendance with four of our CEA endorsed Constitutional Officers, Nancy Wyman’s crystal-clear message, the generous participation in raising over $2100 for the Henry Barnard Memorial Fund, and Don Blake’s social networking presentation. It’s hard to believe that someone could make such a broad topic seem so understandable.

    In a message from Don afterward, he wrote, “Thanks so much for the opportunity you gave me to address such an amazing group! I had a blast!!”

    Kudos to Marcia Demers and the Planning Committee for a fantastic job

    Don’t forget to check out Don’s blog at

    September 23, 2010

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