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Senate Passes Education Jobs Bill – Vote in the House on Tuesday

Yesterday the Senate passed legislation to save over 138,000 education jobs.  Thank you so much for all your calls and emails to your Senators!  Both Dodd and Lieberman voted yes for education jobs funding thanks to your efforts.  Please take a moment to thank your Senators for their important votes.

NEA President Dennis Van Roekel said,  “With the passage of this important legislation, we are now a step closer to making sure that children do not bear the brunt of our nation’s economic woes. The education jobs fund will keep tens of thousands of educators in schools and classrooms and off of unemployment lines. Most importantly, however, the much-needed funds will keep class sizes from ballooning and prevent even more harmful cuts to education programs for students.”

The next step is a vote in the House of Representatives in a special session to vote on the Senate-passed bill. The vote is scheduled for Tuesday, August 10. The House had already passed an education jobs bill, but because the Senate bill uses different “offsets” to pay for the jobs fund, the House must now pass it.

NEA estimates that this bill will save 1,302 jobs in Connecticut alone.  Please urge your House Members to vote YES on the Education Jobs Package.

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