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NEA Sponsoring Competition for Jobs Bill Supporters

Have you emailed Congress yet?  Emailing your U.S. Representatives and Senators only takes a couple of minutes, has a big impact, and you could win an iPod nano!

NEA is sponsoring a competition among the states to see who can send the most e-mails to Congress in support of jobs funding in the Emergency Supplemental Bill.  From now through Wednesday, June 23, encourage your friends and colleagues to send an email to Congress using this link.

On the twenty-third, NEA will select the three states that had the highest percentage participation, based on total membership.  Three participants from the top state, two from the second, and one from the third will be randomly selected from the list of email senders to win an 8GB iPod nano.

  • To find out more about the contest, go here.
  • Only entries submitted through this link will be accepted.
  • This is a contest among the states, the winning states will be chosen using a percentage formula so smaller states have just as good of a chance to win as larger states: (total number of emails submitted)/(total state affiliate membership).

Currently Congress is working on another piece of legislation that they will address before taking up the education jobs bill. That is why it’s so important to pressure lawmakers in the next few days to get off the fence on this important funding.

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