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Happy National Teacher Day

Today we have a guest post from Marne Usher, Connecticut PTSA President.

Marne Usher

Marne Usher (left), CT PTSA President, at the 2010 CEA RA last weekend.

May 2 to May 8 is PTA Teacher Appreciation Week and May 4 is Teacher Appreciation Day – a time when we all take a moment to thank those individuals who make a difference, every day, in the lives of our children. I’m sure that we all can think of teachers who made a difference in our lives, who helped us, inspired us, coaxed us or just plain listened to us.

Now that my children are both in college, however, I find myself reflecting on the teachers who made a difference in their lives and in mine. The fifth grade teacher who was so important to my daughter that, in 6th grade she would ride the Middle School bus all the way back to her elementary school to visit her old classroom. The Kindergarten teacher who assured me that my young son was doing just fine even though he was the youngest in his class, and that same fifth grade teacher assuring me that he was more than ready for middle school.

If education is a journey for our children, it is a journey with a marvelous set of tour guides who help them reach their destination. I have always felt that the education of my children was a partnership between the dedicated professionals who my children spent their days with and the family that they spent evenings, weekends and their precious vacation time with. My children too, knew that I respected their teachers and was in contact with them regularly.  They learned early on that I knew a great deal about what they were doing in school and claims of “no homework” didn’t wash. In these days of so much emphasis on measurable achievement it is sometimes forgotten that some success can’t be quantified.

Across the state and across the nation school communities will be hosting a variety of activities and events to say thank you.  In my book, however, every day should be teacher appreciation day. Teachers work closely with parents to create the future.

As long as I am sending out thank-yous, I would also like to thank you for inviting me to attend CEA’s annual meeting this past weekend.  The event is formally known as the 162nd Representative Assembly. It was an honor to be in the presence of nearly 500 “shapers of the future”. Never doubt that you are all making a difference.

Marne Usher

CT PTSA President

P.S. Yep, you are reading that right, PTSA. At our annual convention our membership voted to change our name to represent the important role that students play in our association both as active members and as the group we focus our work around. So we are now officially the Connecticut Parent Teacher Student Association!

Thank you to Marne for the post and kind words about teachers.   Are teachers being celebrated at your school?

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  1. Mark Laraia #

    Our PTO goes all out for Teacher Appreciation Week! A beautiful breakfast on Monday, luncheon on Thursday and today, Wednesday, it is Wear Your Teacher’s Favorite Color!!! But, this is not the only week that I, and the staff, feel appreciated by the PTO. This group is so giving in their offer to purchase whatever we need in our classrooms or school. From big ticket items like a sound system in our gymnasium to little things like class supplies for a needy family, our PTO is there! Do I feel appreciated? Every day!!

    May 5, 2010

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