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ESEA Blueprint Proposal Disappointing

On  Saturday the Obama administration announced the release of its blueprint for reforming the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA).  Read the blueprint and find more information from the Department of Education here.

“We’re surprised that the Obama administration’s first attempt to rectify the problems in NCLB appears so inadequate.  For starters, there’s no serious proposal to involve parents in their children’s education,” said CEA Executive Director John Yrchik.

“Instead of inspiring citizens, this proposal raises concerns.  Student need has always played a significant role in delivering federal dollars to local communities.  With the proposal, however, the Administration seems intent on turning its back on some students’ needs by insisting on competition on an unprecedented level.  When it comes to children, the Administration should not be setting some of them up to be financial losers.”

NEA President Dennis Van Roekel testified today before the House Appropriations Committee.  He raised an alarm over the big jump in competitive grants in the Obama administration’s proposed education budget, saying it could compound the economic squeeze in many school districts.

On the plus side, he said, the Obama budget calls for increased overall funding. But “those increases would not reach all students, districts, and states.”

Find out more about ESEA reform from NEA here.

  1. There are many factors involved when CEA makes its endorsement of political candidates, from voting records to responses to the viability of a candidate to responses to written and oral questions on education issues. However, the overriding emphasis for all CEA endorsements is the best interest of public schools and teachers. Further, the process is member driven, since the 37-member CEA Board of Directors and CEA’s Political Action Committee (CEA-PAC) vote on all endorsements. In addition, local Association leaders are frequently consulted and involved in the process to help ensure that local Associations have a voice prior to any final candidate endorsement.

    March 22, 2010
  2. Guy Semon #

    “Surprise ” John, really? Why?

    This is still another example of our elected NEA and CEA PAC leadership making poor choices when it comes to the endorsement of politicians that they want us to support and vote into office.

    NEA / CEA needs to wise-up when it comes to Obama and his band of charlatans.

    Miore importantly, the NEA /CEA membership needs to wise -up when it comes to our PAC endorsements.

    March 18, 2010

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