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Healthcare Partnership Needs Governor Rell’s Signature

House Bill 6582, An Act Establishing the Healthcare Partnership, was  adopted overwhelmingly by the House and Senate, and is headed to Governor Rell’s desk.  This legislation would allow employees of towns and cities, non profit organizations, and small businesses to join the big state employees’ health insurance pool.

The option to join this big insurance pool would lower municipal costs and save local taxpayers money.  In 146 towns surveyed, almost nine out of ten pay higher rates than the state pays for its employees.

However, it is unclear whether the governor will sign the bill into law.  Governor Rell has said that this might not be the “appropriate time” for this initiative.  If now isn’t the appropriate time to save tens of millions of dollars for Connecticut taxpayers, when would it be appropriate?

Asking Governor Rell to sign House Bill 6582 is crucial if we are to see lower healthcare costs.  Send the governor an e-mail asking her to sign this important legislation.

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