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Collective bargaining bill fails to clear committee hurdle

CEA’s collective voice was heard loud and clear by members of the legislature’s Planning and Development Committee who gave a red light to HB 6388, a proposal that would have severely damaged teachers’ right to bargain salaries and working conditions.

While this is good news, anything can happen in the weeks ahead since legislative proposals can reemerge as amendments when the full state House and Senate acts on legislation.

HB 6388 emanated from Governor M. Jodi Rell’s budget address. It would have hurt collective bargaining rights in many ways, such as allowing cities and towns to freeze teacher salaries, insurance and working conditions to eliminating the ability of teachers to negotiate hours in future negotiations.

CEA made a major effort to alert teachers about HB 6388 and its potential consequences. From a front page story in the CEA Advisor to an all-member letter to prominence on the CEA website, member attention was focused on the legislative measure. Teachers collective voices makes an enormous difference.

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