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Groundhog Day Resources for the Classroom

Photo by James Marvin Phelps, Creative Commons.

Photo by James Marvin Phelps, Creative Commons.

On February 2, Punxsutawney Phil will see or not see his shadow. Explore light and shadow in math, science, and art lessons and have fun with the following collection of groundhog games and activities compiled by Phil Nast for NEA.

Check out a variety of

Black History Month Lessons & Resources


One lesson plan from the Kennedy Center allows elementary students to listen to jazz audio clips to learn to identify styles and musicians associated with the Harlem Renaissance.

Black History Month is less than two weeks away. Find resources below compiled by Phil Nast for NEA for integrating African-American culture and history into your curriculum.

Resources for:

Veterans Day Lesson Plans, Activities, and Resources

Veterans DayOn November 11, we honor the wartime service and sacrifice of men and women in the armed forces. Originally proclaimed Armistice Day in 1919 to commemorate the end of World War I, Veterans Day was established in 1954 to include American veterans of all wars.

The following lessons, activities, games, and resources compiled by Phil Nast for NEA will help your students celebrate service men and women past and present.

Resources for:

Autumn-Themed Resources for Your Classroom

It still feels like summer today, but fall does officially begin next week and we’ll soon be encountering a nip in the air and red and yellow on the trees. Explore autumn with your students using lessons, activities, poetry, and songs compiled by Phil Nast for NEA.

Teaching About the 1963 March on Washington

The 52nd anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom is this August 28. Examine the March and the events leading up to it with these lessons, background resources, audios, and videos compiled by Phil Nast for NEA.

Resources for:

Kids & Skin Safety

Now that swimming season is here, it’s important for kids to have fun ways to learn about and protect their skin. The American Academy of Dermatology offers resources for children and adults to learn more about their skin and how to stay safe in the sun.

Share with children more about

Plus, educators can find lesson plans and classroom activities on a wide range of skin-related topics.


Watching the Summer Night Sky: Resources for All Grade Levels

Now that summer is approaching, brush up your stargazing skills and get ready to enjoy humankind’s first TV, the night sky. These lessons, activities, and resources compiled by NEA will help you and your students locate and identify celestial objects with equipment as basic as your own eyes.

Resources for:

Memorial Day Lesson Ideas and Resources

Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day, a day to honor American Civil War dead. Following World War I, Memorial Day became a day to honor soldiers killed in all wars. Honor the nation’s fallen military men and women with the following lessons and activities compiled by NEA.

Resources for:

Teaching Resources for Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

May is Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Below are links to activities, lesson plans, and resources you can use in your classroom from NEA.

10 Free Activities, Lessons, Videos, and More

Looking for free resources for your classroom? Below are some great websites compiled by NEA where you can find printables, books, instructional videos for you and your students, lesson plans, and much more.

  • The USGS Water Science School
    Water is unique and vital to all life on Earth. These resources for K-8 science learners cover water basics, properties, cycle, surface water, groundwater, quality, and use.
  • Learning Math
    Learning math can be challenging. Teaching it? Downright daunting. These multimedia college-level professional development courses can give K-8 teachers a deep conceptual understanding of mathematics, to help students develop strong math skills.
  • Architect Studio 3D
    Students in grades 5-8 design houses and share them with others. They explore architecture and learn about Frank Lloyd Wright’s life and work while gaining practice in subject skills.

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